Rust bindings for the helios dac sdk


A Rust library to interact with the Helios Laser DAC.

DISCLAIMER: I have not properly tested this with a real laser. Be careful as Lasers may harm your eyes when used improperly.

Wrapper for the official sdk as well as a native rust implementation of the protocol.

Disclaimer: Because of compilation issues on my main machine I could not test the sdk version against the dac. I've made sure it compiles, but my focus is on the rust native version.


helios-dac = "0.1"

To use the rust version instead of the offical sdk use the native feature and disable default features:

helios-dac = { version = "0.1", default-features = false, features = ["native"] }


To build the sdk version you can use the Makefile. It will spin up a docker container with the required build dependencies.